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Support us during COVID19

It goes without saying that the current COVID19 pandemie is hitting especially the travel sector very hard.

We expect and hope that travelling will become normal again during 2021 and hope that you will pick our hotel and restaurant (too) to have a great time without the threat of this horrible deasease anymore.


Buy a voucher now and get 20% discount

Buying a voucher now will benefit yourself and our hotel! When you buy a voucher before March 31. 2021, you can use this voucher during the rest of 2021 so from the moment you buy the voucher till December 31, 2021 for all expenses in our hotel and restaurant. But here comes the best part: For every SEK you buy a voucher for, you get 20% extra value! So when you buy a SEK 500 voucher, you get SEK 600 to spend at Lugnet!

Please Swish the amount you want to buy a voucher for to 123 231 52 65 and you will receive a voucher via SMS. In case you prefer to get the voucher via email, please include your emailaddress with the payment or contact us.

In case you do not have Swish you can also transfer the amount to IBAN SE7480000816619436741327 BIC SWEDSESS and state your email address to which we will send the voucher.

  • Minimun amount is SEK 100

  • Vouchers can be redeemed for any expenditure in our hotel and restaurant 

  • Vouchers can be redeemed from the moment of purchase till December 31, 2021, for any date, so also for for example a stay during the winter holidays, Vansbro Swim or Dansbandsveckan

  • Vouchers can be redeemed for both bookings already made as well as for bookings to make

  • Vouchers can only be used for direct payments at Lugnet

  • Vouchers have a unique code, use this code while booking AND bring the voucher to the hotel 

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