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General conditions

On this page you can find all the terms and conditions that apply during the term of a reservation and during a stay at Hotel Lugnet Malung.

The General Terms and Conditions apply to reservations made through our website,,,  or by e-mail,  telephone reservations or through third parties.


Check-in and check-out

Check-in begins at 3:00 PM. Check-out is no later than  11:00 AM. Inspecial cases, the check-in and check-out times can be deviated from in consultation.

If the arrival is late in the evening, a "self check in" will be arranged. The customer must notify us by email no later than 24 hours before arrival:

We will provide additional information about this "self-check in" by email.


Cancellation policy for individual room reservations

If cancelled up to 24 hours before arrival date (15:00), no costs will be charged. If you cancel within these 24 hours, 100% of the accommodation price will be charged.

Cancellation policy groupsreservations

  • Up to 6 weeks before the start date: can be cancelled free of charge

  • Up to 4 weeks before the start date: 60% of the reservation value

  • Up to 2 weeks before the start date: 75% of the reservation value

  • Up to 1 week before the start date: 85% of the reservation value

  • Within 1 week before the start date: 100% of the reservation value

  • No show: 100% of the reservation value

Changes to group size for group bookings
Changes to the number of people stated in the program confirmation will be accepted as follows:

  • Up to 4 weeks before the start date: up to 50% reduction of the original number of booked guests possible*

  • Up to 2 weeks before the start date: up to 25% reduction of the original number of booked guests possible*

  • Up to 1 week before the start date: up to 10% reduction in the original number of booked guests possible*


* Lugnet Malung Hotel will use the last specified number of persons, if it does not hear anything from the client. An increase in the original number of booked guests is possible based on availability

Settlement and payment

  • The customer is liable to pay a price for service or product provided by the hotel;

  • The prices are listed on the menu, lists, online or through other digital sources;

  • A list is deemed to be visible to the customer if it is visible in the normally accessible areas of the hotel;

  • For special services, such as the use of sauna, laundry, telephone, sending found goods, etc., an additional fee will be charged;

  • All invoices, including but not limited to cancellation or no-show invoices, are due by the customer at the time they are presented to him.

  • The customer must arrange for payment by credit card or bank, unless otherwise agreed;

  • Payment is made in SEK;

  • Lugnet Malung Hotel does not work with cash;

  • Lugnet Malung Hotel accepts most foreign payment methods. The market rate applicable at the time of payment;

  • Lugnet Malung Hotel may charge an administration fee for an amount equivalent to up to 10% of the amount offered in foreign currency; Lugnet Malung Hotel can achieve this by adjusting the prevailing market rate by up to 10%;

  • Lugnet Malung Hotel is never obliged to accept means of payment other than credit cards and may attach conditions to the acceptance of cash;

  • The guest and the customer are jointly and severally liable for all amounts owed by one or both of them to Lugnet Malung Hotel, for whatever reason.

  • Unless otherwise stipulated, the agreement between the hotel and the customer is deemed to have been concluded on behalf of each guest. By appearing, the guest indicates that the customer was authorised to represent him or her at the conclusion of the agreement in question;

  • As long as the customer has not fully fulfilled all his obligations towards Lugnet Malung Hotel, Lugnet Malung Hotel is entitled to take and keep all goods brought by the customer into the hotel, until the customer has fulfilled all his obligations towards Lugnet Malung Hotel;

  • In addition to a right of retention, Lugnet Malung Hotel is entitled to a right of pledge on the goods in question, if applicable;

  • If payment other than credit card has been agreed, all invoices, for whatever amount, must be paid by the customer within fourteen days of the invoice date;

  • If payment is not made on time, the customer will be in default without any notice of default being required;

  • Only if the customer is a natural person (consumer), Lugnet Malung Hotel will send a one-time notice of default with a period of at least 14 days to pay;

  • If the customer is in default, he must reimburse Lugnet Malung Hotel for all costs related to the collection. The extrajudicial collection costs are charged according to the law;

  • If Lugnet Hotel Malung has to refund a customer, this will take place within five working days by bank transfer


Smoking policy

Lugnet Malung Hotel is completely non-smoking. It is not allowed to smoke in hotel rooms or in public areas such as the lobby or restaurant. If our guests deviate from this rule, we are forced to charge costs. Smoking is allowed on the terrace and balcony.



  • Pets are welcome in public areas at Lugnet Malung Hotel, provided they are kept on a leash and under control of the owner.

  • Some rooms are suitable for pets;

  • There is a surcharge of SEK 150 per dog/cat per night, if notified in advance;

        If pet is not pre-registered: SEK 250 per night;

  • A maximum of two dogs/cats per room is allowed;

  • It is allowed to leave your dog alone in the room when it is not barking or squeaking;

  • In the restaurant, the dog must stay under the table


Parking policy

Free parking is available for paying visitors. We have the most and largest parking lots of all hotels in the area. Free parking is also available for trucks of drivers staying overnight in our hotel.

The paying customer chooses the most suitable parking space. In winter, when there is a lot of snow, it is wise not to park the car too close to the buildings because of snow falling from the rooftops.


Lost & Found Policy

Lost  or abandoned items found by the guest in the buildingand of Lugnet Malung Hotel must be handed in at the reception.

The Catering Establishment acquires ownership  of objects of which the rightful owner has not reported to the Lugnet Malung Hotel within one year of their return.

If Lugnet Malung Hotel sends items left behind by the guest to the guest, this is entirely at the expense and risk of the guest.

Lugnet Malung Hotel is never obliged to send you a service.

Customers information

Lugnet Malung Hotel declares that it handles all available customer information with care and adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


If a customer has a complaint, he/she first tries to resolve it with the employee at reception. If this is not possible, he/she can ask for a meeting with the hotel management.

If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, the customer can submit an official complaint to the hotel's complaints committee.

The customer sends the complaint in writing to the complaints committee. The complaint includes at least:
- name and address of the submitter
- date of submission
- description of the complaint
- the grounds of the complaint


Shipping complaints
The customer sends his complaint to Lugnet Malung Hotel, complaints department, Attn. D. Touber, Lugnet 4, 78291 Malung. Or via

Submit complaint
The period for submitting a complaint is two working weeks. This period starts on the day after the day on which the complaint arose.
The complaints committee provides the received complaint with a date stamp and confirms to the complainant in writing within ten days that the complaint has been received and will be processed.
The complaints committee will conduct an investigation before making a decision.
The complaints committee gives the customer an indication of the expected time required to process, substantively handle and respond to the complaint.
Lugnet Malung Hotel strives for processing within 20 working days.
If more time is needed to reasonably resolve the complaint, the hotel will inform the customer in writing of the reason for the delay. The customer will also be informed within what period a response to the complaint can be expected. This new period is a maximum of 20 working days.


Confidentiality complaints
Lugnet Malung Hotel guarantees the customer that every complaint will be handled carefully and with due regard for the student's privacy.


Registration of complaints
All written complaints will be kept for a period of three years.


Anyone who is involved in hotel activities through his work for the hotel and who has access to data of which he knows or should reasonably suspect is confidential in nature is obliged to maintain confidentiality.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the management via


Terms and conditions Lugnet Malung Hotel

Companynumber: 559341-6935 

VAT number: SE559341693501

Malung,  December 01 2023

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